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Kundalini Yoga Best Way to Know Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Best Way to Know Kundalini Yoga

Hello friend welcome to my bibloggers blog, today we'll be talking about the new yoga and what is yoga anyway in the western world we have such a misunderstanding of what yoga is we think it Pacific o exercise to become to them and look great we think it's religion.

Kundalini Yoga Best Way to Know Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga

We also think that it's a tool then we can use for achieving some superhuman powers whatever the take is it's really far from what the reality is you get the Union it's a connection of you as a human being to something divine to the greater knowledge to the cosmos it's an awareness of your being of your existence of your purpose and how your life is shaped within that cosmos so we are all one.

I'm sure you've heard about that concept because our energies flow and interact is mixed with everything around us everything is below a body out all of this is the energy we mix and interact all the time but yet we came to this planet with the physical vessel in the body.

So that although our energy is flowing in it one we differentiate ourselves to create a unit and element that's standing on its own so Yoga is a union creating that connection with ourselves and the cosmos understanding the purpose of our life raising awareness into the way.

We live our life and Kundalini is a really interesting practice I found it because of my personal issues back in my younger years when I used to stress a lot and it brought a lot of that in my life and it's an extremely powerful practice is known as the mother role yoga it's known as the diamond had all the faces of the different styles of yoga in it they're about.

22 types of yoga and Kundalini is all-encompassing because it combines all the elements you have the physical exercise you have the repetition you have the mantras the breath the focus the relaxation the meditation.

So it is certain encompassing our four sick ones that it is capable of transforming your life and we assume as we have to think we actually come into a part if all you want you not you have your body so that's the physical the outward way you see things you have the mind so that the ego and your consciousness your understanding the world of the world around you and you have the soul your essence you keep being the energy that you came in.

When oh these three are combined and with awareness, you live in bliss but to achieve that we need to practice because we live in a society which is so focused on the rocks of material or we go to the other extreme going to such a spiritual world that suddenly.

We just want to be out there in a mountain under a tree in just meditating and there are no distractions but the reality is you need to make this thing you need to learn nowhere in your life but bring that knowledge that tools to enhance that to raise your awareness and your consciousness.

The Kundalini Yoga is known as a yoga awareness to consciousness yoga and what it does it awakens your Kundalini energy do creative power nothing to prevent me out there I've needed a lot of questions on using sexual energy is there something that's going to give me some superhuman power.

It is your creative essential energy and the way we awaken that energy is by a process where the glandular system of the body and the nervous system connect start sending signals to the brain to awake.To be aware of everything so that we connect to our higher consciousness to the knowledge to the utmost power and then with useful and then with your creative and then with your power.

So the way we do this is by all the exercises all the different tools we use you can Delaney over is so unique that it addresses very specific everything in life but a little bit like medicine so if you take a medicine but you take the wrong dosage or you take the wrong medicine for the problem you want to solve you know going to get anywhere it's a little bit of a science you need to go behind understand the tools what they mean how they work.

How to react together so that you can achieve you can really go on to that trans-formative journey with your purpose with your goal so we use two energies that the prana which is our life force the creative power within and the panel which is being eliminated for the cleansing possible physical and energetic.

When these two are balanced then the energy starts growing the mini energy is set to be residing at our lower vertebra at the back which then raises up with all the techniques.

We use with push it up we raise and we can illuminate it any rises up to our shroo now is the central the main channel also known as not the body has overall 72,000 Nadi's and they all start from the navel point and then they spread around the body.

All the way to the legs and hand and through these nadis Brandon gets disseminated so let's just do a quick panic exercise you can raise your hand up you're going to hold your wrist and you're going to raise them above your head and as you raise you can feel this isometric pour both sides close your eyes we can agree you're wrong again you have to feel the pressure between the shoulder blades where primary high Oh beautiful equally distributed classified.

We did you pretend to be mysteriously relax the movie maybe tell me holding the ribbon always and harder and exhale we'll be covering each element of Kundalini Yoga through the series but overall the Lynnie consists of several elements that are Korea which is theory acquainted samisen is especially stiff across them each has specific time so that the desired spectrum is for sure in achieving they tend to be quite repetitive.

It's not like kata or Stanga where you go for a sequence of flow because we want to awaken that specific area that we working where we're trying to place the liver or open the heart or work on the throat chakra balance out sideways stimulating the pituitary gland.

Whatever we're working on we really want the net the mouth of that necessary time to add a series of repetitions or just going to specific posture so that we get to that final end to get to our result so you need to understand when we say ok to 11 minutes stretch pose.

You're lying out there thinking what is she doing to me this is not because I'm trying to be pushing you to towards harder exercise I'm trying to get you to sweat it is because that's how long you need to hold it so that we can achieve the desired end result.

We also have well different toolkit we have the bread and there is whole science of how breath affects what is the lesson of so what is the right nostril what happens if a greater amount in each one has very distinct specific effects on you-you can all sleep in wake up you just relax you can stimulate your energy.

It really really controls how the body reacts we have mudras is a different hand position that we hold to further enhance whatever we're working on we are knowledge education wisdom we're going to go through all this but it's a very essential part we have the eye fog sometimes the eyes are closed and either focused in front of us and slightly open together quietly open and that also gives the positional lock off the light not only working on the body.

Also working with the mind so we sending awareness it should be we have locks which serve as lever so is we generate energy in this one area this is a specific part of what we trying to do we use the locks which are going to go through in more detail push up that energy to go to contain.

The energy we simulated in the body we use widely mantras and you know wishing a lot of mantras which are seen sounds one of the rudimentary sounds were born with there's a matter of language to the matter where you were born each sound each movement of the son has very specific is on the palate.

And that emulates nerve endings which then send a signal to the brain so we're not just doing it for fun although it is fun we also working at the same time of the specific areas so there are a lot of different aspects we're going to go through each one individually.

You can experience that you feel work each one that means so that when you do a class is an I know why I'm doing this because it does listen to this-this to me and when I combine it in over layers with all different walks and mudras and I Fox's breath posture then I have arranged all these tools correctly and then I know I'm doing the named wine so this is for today I'm probably covered too quickly everything but don't worry we're going to go through each one separately.

Top 7 Kundalini Yoga.

Chakras are energy fields in your body these energy fields are all locations of different specific characteristics and they all need to be open and balanced to create harmony inside your body
 the seven major chakras are located in a straight line through your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head the lower chakras are the most earthbound chakras and they gradually become more and more spiritual as you move your way up here is a quick introduction to the seven chakras and how you are affected by either an overactive or underactive chakra

No 1: The Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of your spine this chakra is called Muladhara in Sanskrit and has a deep red color.

the vowel sound of this chakra is and as a musical note is C this one formation can be used for chanting meditation and tuning of the chakras for greater and more specific stimulation the root chakra is the most earthbound chakra and is connected to the earth and the physical world.

Allowing you to be steady and grounded the chakra is also the very foundation of the chakra system and helps to balance the rest of the chakras an overactive root chakra will make you two 'll earthbound and thereby giving you a difficult time feeling connected to your spirituality and feeling like you belong to something greater.

you become too reliant on the materialistic and physical world and is completed patch from your intuition and under chakra can make you feel shaky and unable to send to yourself as you have a difficult time connecting to the earth and creating our strong and steady foundations.

which gives you an uneasy feeling of not being in control and may even give you anxiety you crave security and stability you do not feel safe in your life and therefore experience a lot of fear.

No 2: the sacral chakra

the sacral chakra is the second chakra and is located just below your navel this chakra is called Swati sana and has a warm orange color the vowel sound of this chakra is full and the musical note of C the sacral chakra is the center of your emotions creativity and sexuality this is all for the location of Qi energy and place an important role in spiritual work and healing.

an overactive sacral chakra to create imbalance in your emotions and you will have strange and aggressive mood swings if you are not in control of your feelings and over at the sacral chakra can also make it too sexual or create an unpleasant lack of sexual control an underactive sacral chakra can make you feel confused and unable to understand your own emotions you will feel emotionally unbalanced you may also feel uncomfortable with your own sexuality and femininity or masculinity.

No 3: the solar plexus chakra

the solar plexus chakra is the center of your being and is located between your navel and your heart this chakra is called Manipura in Sanskrit and have a bright yellow color the vowel sound of this chakra is O and the note is e the solar plexus is the location of your energy it is your inner Sun the center of your willpower and self-confidence it is the chakra that gives you enthusiasm and allows you to act upon cutaneous li and with a passion for life an overactive solar plexus chakra can make it too energetic and out of control people will see you as unpredictable and someone they can count on carefully.

Decision and action will be spontaneous and you may get bored easily people may feel that you are too dominant and self-centered and under west  solar plexus chakra can give you a low self-esteem and make you submissive and unable to believe in your own abilities and talents your willpower will be gone and you will, therefore, be an easy person to control and manipulate.

No 4:  the heart chakra 

the heart chakra is located at the heart area it's Sanskrit name is Anahata and has a warm green color the vowel sound of this chakra is R as the notice F the heart chakra is the chakra feelings and love this chakra is the center of unconditional love and kindness and allows you to share but also receive love from others an overactive heart chakra can make it to love seeking and dependent on other people's love and attention if you're craving love and acceptance from other people making you feel inadequate.

When you do not receive it an underactive heart chakra will make you lack empathy for other people and make it seem cold and completely disconnected from your emotions you have a difficult time understanding and connecting with your feelings and the feelings of others to swap chakra.

No 5: the song chakra 

the song chakra is located at the Frog area the Southwest name for this chakra is Fischer and it has a bright blue color the vowel sound of this chakra is I and the musical note is G the 12 chakra is the center of speech and the ability to speak the truth with no fear the chakra controls your ability to speak up and to be heard by others.

And overactive throat chakra can make you seem too dominant and people might perceive you as rude as you love to hear yourself speak giving a little room for anyone else you are therefore also a bad listener who prefers to be the one doing the talking while other people listen and undirected full chakra can make you a shy person who prefers to be the one who listens without talking too much you especially hate speaking in front of large crowds and you are not good at discussions so you have a hard time finding the right words and arguments you, therefore, lack Authority and people tend to ignore you when you speak.

No 6: the eye chakra

the eye chakra the third eye chakra is located in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows it's Sanskrit name is Ashna and it has a deep indigo color the vowel sound of this chakra is a and the musical notice the third eye is the spiritual chakra and a window to the spiritual land this chakra is connected to your intuition and spiritual vision of Claire Williams and psychic skills.

The third eye is connected to the pineal gland in the middle of your brain which is producing DMT which is the body's natural psychedelic drug of visions and spiritual awareness and overactive third eye chakra can make you psychotic and unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy as you live in a world of hallucinations and maybe even schizophrenia you are all in your mind and completely disconnected to earth and your physical body with lack of control and unable to center yourself and under at the eye chakra will make you feel cut off from your spirituality and make it difficult for you to be guided by your intuition and you tend to be a very logical and rational person.

No 7: the crown chakra 

crown chakra is the last chakra and it's located at the top of your head if sounds good name is Sahaj Allah and it has a black purple color the vowels out of this chakra is e and the music will notice B the crown chakra is the most spiritual chakra and your direct connection to the divine the crown chakra is your portal find elegant godly wisdom and it will guide you to watch your higher purpose in life.

The crown chakra is also your link to your higher self with just the spiritual you and your soul an overactive crown chakra can make you feel like you're floating completely disconnected to earth and reality you live in a spiritual bubble away from the physical world and you are completely spirit with lack of understanding of your own body and unable to function in society an under-active crown chakra will make you feel disconnected to something greater you feel alone and confused and unable to see the bigger picture you do not know what the purpose of your life is which can make you feel depressed'

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