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Top 20 Yoga for Weight Loss

Top 20 Yoga for Weight Loss.

What is yoga? Yoga derived from the Sanskrit word Yuju. means to join yoga is a 5000 years old ancient art based on a harmonizing. arrangement of improvement for the body, brain, and soul. continued practice will lead to a sense of peace well being, and also a feeling of being as one with the environment.

Top 20 Yoga for Weight Loss
What is yoga?

No 1: Bridge

Bridge benefits tones tights & abs improve digestion stretches neck & spine keeps blood pressure in check, avoid if you have neck back injury

No 2: Chair

Benefits strengthen core muscles & tight tones buttocks, maintain a strategic distance from on the off chance that you have knee or back damage.

No 3: Cobbler

Benefits: reduces fat on inner thighs strengthens the spine, muscles of groin, knees & lower back improves digestion.

No 4: Forward Bending

Benefits: Stretches hamstrings strengthens abdominal muscles help to relax.

No 4: Half moon

Benefits: Tones buttocks, upper inner thighs strengthen the side of the tummy and strengthens core muscles helps weight loss. maintain a strategic distance from in the event that you have stomach related issue spine damage hypertension.

No 5: Half spinal twist

Benefits: Increases lung capacity stretches the spine tones thighs and abdominal muscles, stimulates the digestive system.

No 6: Plank

Benefits: strengthens & tones arms, shoulders back, bullocks, thighs & abs.avoid if you have back or shoulder injury high blood pressure.

No 7: Sun salutation

Benefits: Full body workout detoxifying internal organs provides a deeper relaxing effect. avoid if you have back or knee injury.

No 8: Tree

Benefits: strengthens abdominal muscles tones thighs & arms, avoid if you have knee or back injury.

No 9: Warriors (1)

Benefits:  strengthens thighs bullock & tummy helps to lose weight. avoid if you have shoulder, knee or back trouble high blood pressures.

No 10: Warriors (2)

Benefits: Strengthens back, thighs, abdominal & core muscles. avoid if you have high blood pressure diarrhea.other thane exercising, must also moderate food intake weight loss equation decreased food intake.

No 11: Drink plenty of water

Water is life you must have heard this saying that it has great importance in our life too. Think calmly with a calm mind once you drink so much water every day, 3 or more times it is lack of all that we drink very little water If we do not drink water then our kidneys (kidneys) do not work properly.

In order to take out the toxic substances of our body they have to work more and this is absorbed by the liver of the body due to which fat is formed and known. Water keeps the temperature of our body stable, enhances digestion power, provides moisture to the skin and gives us the energy to work drinking water along with them provides relief in fatigue. So, friends drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water daily and or 3 to 4 liter reduce the intake of water at night.

No 12: Avoid dietary narratives and external products.

As soon as the matter of weight loss and the elimination of fat starts the first thing comes in our mind like dieting and besides these products which we see daily on TV, Internet or in different places and also claim these things work to lose weight.

Believe me, there is no shortcut for any work, and if you become thin once you have a shortcut, then some other diseases in your body cause conflict which makes you bother later. Dieting is not the result of your body fat but it will weaken your body and when you stop dieting, then it will return to its normal place from like before body then so please avoid these things.

 No 13: Better Sleep.

You might be wondering how to reduce obesity by sleeping The body gets relief from sleep, but in 7 to 8 hours, sleep helps in reducing obesity. Energy comes from a person's sleep for 7-8 hours, survives high-calorie intake and does not get obesity.

Along with good sleep, you can dilute your waist by eating 30 minutes of exercise and healthy eating According to the report of the American Journal of Epidemiology, the body of the melatonin hormone created in the body helps bring sleep and helps sleep better and weight loss.

No 14: Green Tea

Tea is the beginning of our day with this word We should avoid daily milk and sugar tea because it works to increase fat in our body You should drink green tea instead of this which is beneficial for health. And drinking it does not even cause fat. Instead of milk tea, green tea drinks daily digestion power.

Drinking green tea makes you feel nimble Drinking green tea is more beneficial for weight loss because the antioxidants present in green tea are helpful in reducing weight. You should drink green tea at least twice a day. And if you can not leave your usual tea completely then reduce the amount of drinking it that is, drink it only once a day and drink green tea for the rest of the time.

No 15: Home Gym

If you are capable of buying some machines then you can also open a home gym, which can now work out daily and if you do not have it, do not panic because there are some gadgets in the gym that you can make available in your home. As you can use brick instead of the gym stapler, you can use a rope to jump, and some gym model workouts such as squats, which can be done on home some exercises like planks, mountain climbing, etc. can make your body absolutely healthy.

No 16: Eat plenty of food

Take food You have to be careful about the food that you eat well and eat well on time. The most important - do not miss the breakfast at all, we usually do not have breakfast in our homes because they are so busy doing the work and that is why they think that they will eat food only after the work is completed due to which they Obesity creates a place As doctor advises breakfast is most important.

Yes, once you can skip dinner, but do not take breakfast lightly You must have heard that saying, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a poor. Just keep an eye on one thing do not eat too much at one time but at least eat every few hours eat something, whether it is fruit, some vegetable, salad or so, etc.

No 17: Cheat meal means

Cheat meal means that you can eat anything of your favorite once a 2-week map. If you exercise daily and take a natural meal then you should take cheat meal sometimes because they prove to be good for your health at that time.

Because by eating a type of food every day and exercising your body makes it habit and gradually the effect of that thing starts decreasing and if you take cheat meal once a week then there will be some changes in your habit And after that when you come back from your routine then exercise and your food works well on your body.

No 18: Yoga

Yoga - This is the gift of our forefathers, who used to bring sage-monk and the common man in ancient times Yoga is famous throughout the world in today's era and is the most effective way to keep yourself fit. Yoga does not just calm your mind, but also your body. This creates a balance between body and mind.

In our ancient culture, many beneficial yogas have been told with the constant use of which the body can become healthy and attractive and these yoga actions and the weight of the body can also be reduced With the help of balanced diet and yoga.

you can fill your life with a new energy Under the yoga, there are some pranayama and asanas such as kalalbhati pranayama, Anulom-Vilom Pranayama naukasana, tadasana, etc. Among them, the Surya Namaskar is the best.

No 19: Beginning and end of the day with lemonade

Lemon water You must have heard that a lemon daily means fatty free body Yes, you have heard absolutely right. In Lemon have found such chemical properties that goes to your body and works to eliminate fat This not only decrease fat.

It is also a very beneficial thing for your skin Take it in the morning with empty stomach warm or lukewarm water and take it in the middle of 6: 00 to 7: 00 Take care of one thing, there are many people who are allergic to lemon or because of any illness, if the doctor asked not to take it, please do not drink it.

No 20: Exercise Every Day

The most important and most accurate measure is that you get used to exercising daily I believe that in the beginning there is a lot of difficulty and peoples like me so troubled to get up in the morning, but believe me if If you start exercising after 10 consecutive days and on the 11th day, you will begin to exercise yourself on your own.

When exercising, first warm up your body so that your body will become warm and you will be ready to exercise In exercise, you can jump, rope, exercise by lifting light weight, twist your body, take up sit ups and exercise more and more If you really want to lose weight or fat, then you must do this remedies and instead of doing just one solution,

you will collect any two things like lemonade with Yoga or Exercise and with just do not depend just on lemonade or exercises But if you do not depend on both of them, you will be able to see results very well and see changes in your body very soon.


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