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Cross Fitness The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

What is Cross Fitness?

Cross Fit has constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Constant variation means changing your workout every time. For true fitness routine is the enemy. The more predictable your routine is, the less set you'll up be for the unforeseen. What will life demand if you tomorrow? No one knows your training should reflect that. Cross Fit reliably blends weight preparing, aerobatic drills and perseverance molding in however many mixes as would be prudent with results in wellness that prepares you for anything in reality.

Cross Fitness The Ultimate Fitness Challenge
Cross Fitness The Ultimate Fitness Challenge

The official definition of Cross Fit is called diddly very functional movements performed in high intensity, functional movements or what prepare you for life. squatting, running, jumping, throwing, pulling, picking things up all predate gyms by thousands of years. They weren't developed by anybody, and they're found everywhere. This is what our bodies were meant to do. It's part of our DNA. Cross Fit workouts us functional movements because there's so much more effective for life outside the gym.

Cross Fit is continually shifted useful developments performed at high force. intensity is a measurement of physics, not opinion. It's a key element of fitness intensity is measured by how fast you get real work done. Gotcha jogging is easy and low intensity. Racing as fast as you can is harder and high intensity. Work is forced time distance. average power is work divided by time, the more work you do in less time, the higher the average power and the harder it is. This is genuine power, not how boisterous you run or how red your face gets. What's more, this sort of force brings the best outcomes.

How to start cross training?

about cross-training, so the approach to cross-training has shifted over the years in most training plans for runners nowadays it is considered an essential part of your training whereas before it was just a recommended part of off your train there are many different kinds of cross-training exercises.

1. Yoga.
2. Strength training.
3. Cardio.

1. Yoga.

so let's talk about yoga yoga is an exercise that is balancing and nurturing and any kind of yoga exercises fit into the category of acne recovered now stress training on your hand build strength and supports entrance and also prevents imbalance in your body by strengthening your muscles you're going to prevent injuries as most of our injuries caused by running come from an imbalance in power and strength in some of our muscles

2. Strength training.

cross-training essential piece and that's cardio there are different types of cardio exercise you can write your bicycle you can go to the swimming pool and swim or simply you can walk your dog or walk with friends or walk along all.

3. Cardio.

cardio exercises can be different in their intensity now you have to be very careful with how you position your cardio exercise within your schedule there is a very basic rule of thumb you cannot work hard in different disciplines at the same time.

If you add extra sessions at the gym with this cardio so given this why should you go straight well.

One it adds variety and it spices up your training. Two it gives you running muscles it will discern break for three you're improving your aerobic and your endurance without stressing your body muscles. Four this is my favorite cross-training is something the whole family can participate in you can choose a bike with your kids take your dog out for a walk go to the pool and spend threw a ball on practice baseball with your kid kick a soccer ball etc.

Knew Before Starting Cross fit

when I started Cross Fit these are five main things that I learned once I started and once I got the idea of them and finally learned them it made a huge difference in my performance and how I felt in just my overall experience with Cross Fit so if you apply these five things and keep these in mind when you but every time you go to the gym you're gonna make tremendous results and be much better so the first thing I learned is

1. Rest days

rest days are very important someone like me when I get into something I put my hundred and ten percent into it if I'm really interested into it I want to learn everything I want to try everything I want to do everything and I just you know engulf myself in the whole entire feeling and the whole atmosphere of what I'm doing so when it came to Cross Fit I was going five six sometimes seven days a week when they started having open gym on Sundays that might have my first Cross Fit gym

When I started doing that it was just too much my body I realized that I was like beating myself up and it was I started to degrees rather than keep progressing and getting better and stronger and more technical on my lips so I made sure that you know hey if I feel beat up I'm gonna take a rest or I started planning set rest days like on Thursdays or Saturdays or whatever it was every single week I'm not gonna go into the gym unless I fill up so the 110% you know feel healthy I feel good I feel strong I feel like I can otherwise don't be afraid of missing a day as long as you are hitting the gym consistently three four or five times a week if you feel really good you'll make plenty results

2.  Diet is very important 

when you're putting yourself through these intensive strength and workout regimens it puts a big toll on your body to recover it needs to grow stronger it needs to adapt to all these exercises and movements that you're doing so to make sure you're doing that in the end make sure supplying yourself with the appropriate food so with tons of veggies you know healthy complex carbs you don't eating just fries all day long you're eating you know lots of healthy options are gonna steal your body and make you feel good so don't be afraid to eat a lot and you doing cross because your body is gonna need a lot of fuel to keep doing what it's doing but make sure you're eating healthy options.

3. The exercise is very challenging

When I first started cross when I was 19 and I had a good grasp of the exercises already from football in high school I knew how to do snatch dinner I do cleans but I did not know how to dance push-ups I didn't know how to do muscle ups I didn't do a lot of these other very advanced technical movements.

Trying to add too much weight too fast I'll try and go not trying to go too fast in the workouts these repetitions are getting sloppy and just you know more accessible to injury and just not actually learning how to move it properly tell myself get better down the road so make sure you were always listening to your coaches you're always starting very slow if we're gonna be building based on you know how that looks how it feels if it is a feel right don't be adding weight and making you know taking the chance of getting yourself injured or just not learning it properly definitely start very very slow and build and progress from there.

4. Log your workouts

at the first gym that I went to we had workout logs they gave you know regular 99-cent notebook you'd write down what the workout you did your time the strength that you did for that day and just so that when you go back you know months from now you can see how much you've actually grown how much you've progressed this is also a great thing to have a case if you feel like you are not getting stronger.

You feel like you are not doing enough you can't actually see okay you know I did this much for an overhead squat three months ago into this much today how much did I improve was it a lot with a little did I have not improved did I digress in my in my strength or whatever it may be so doing that and making sure you walking all your workouts will help you progress and make sure you need to be on the right track to what you need to do.

 5. No Ego

just make sure that you are humble and you have no Eagle when you walk into the gym again when I started crossing I was 19 I was a kid I thought you know I'm head honcho is the gym that I went to had a bunch of 30 40 50 old people in there-there you know soccer moms or just like that they work at a desk job but they were absolutely destroying me at workouts.

It was even close I was you know pretty strong compared to a lot of them but they were just very good movers they knew how to pace themselves they knew you know the ins and out of Cross Fit's and their workouts so they did much much better than me and they were getting you to know because of that and they knew how to approach every workout they were getting more out of it rather than Me's being this new hotshot kid trying to go 110% you know from the beginning of the workout


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