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What are the causes of high blood pressure or hypertension?

What are the causes of high blood pressure or hypertension? When we talk about hypertension, many of us immediately linked it to stress. Is this true? Let's find out. hypertension is a condition where the blood vessels of the body get different, increasing the pressure of the blood flowing within them. This is due to damage to the inner lining of the blood vessels, which control how relaxed the blood vessels are. Imagine watering a garden with a hosepipe while keeping the end of the pipe pinched. That's what's happening inside your body.
What are the causes of high blood pressure or hypertension
What are the causes of high blood pressure or hypertension
If you have hypertension. Why does this damage happen? endothelial, the target of cells lining the inner surface of your arteries settling the gas called nitric oxide, which stimulates the arteries to relax. When they get damaged. nitric oxide production radio says and the arteries stay stiff. Why does this happen? Every time glucose is burned inside one of these cells.

sparks that fly out. These are called free radicals. The body immediately uses fire extinguishers to douse these sparks called antioxidants. If they don't get neutralized immediately, they set off a chain reaction like a wildfire, which spreads throughout the cell, damaging the cell. whole plant foods are designed perfectly to help us overcome this problem. They have a perfect blend of fuels and antioxidants in the form of calories and vital nutrients.

However, animal foods and processed foods have a ton of calories and very little antioxidants. So the endothelial get energy but also gets damaged. It turns out that while stress plays an important role in stiffening our arteries, our food plays an even bigger role. This is great news because now you can reverse hypertension by upgrading to a whole food blog.

Beast died. There is one thing though that's even better than changing our diet alone. That is eliminating disease-causing foods and disease-causing stress and lack of exercise at the same time. This way, we can address all the root causes of hypertension and help our body reverse the disease. Our three-day masterclass to reverse hypertension and diabetes is designed to teach you the easiest way to adopt best-died meditation and exercise practices into your life and help you to reverse hypertension. Join us to learn to have a wide variety of foods and practicing simplified Kundalini Yoga every day can help you to reverse hypertension permanently. I'll see you at the master class.

It's unfortunate because there are you know proven natural alternatives that already exist which I'll share with you in a minute and these alternatives are my opinion much much safer and work better than high blood pressure medications especially for long term use however what you and your doctor should really be doing is trying to control reduce and potentially eliminate the causes of high blood pressure.

The top 10 causes of high blood pressure and at the end, I'll give you my favorite natural solution that our family.

1. Of them being aged now most people don't realize that age is one of the biggest factors for high blood pressure in fact after the age of 40 37 percent of the population has high blood pressure and after the age of 60 a whopping 70% or more of the population is hypertension so if you're over the age of 40 and have high blood pressure it may not be your fault alright because of the aging but it is your responsibility to fix it right away and take action using some of today's simple solutions.

2. The big one is genetics and a family history well you know not much can be done here right because it's genetics and this is, in fact, my own personal problem because I have a family history specifically on my dad's side of hypertension that causes heart attacks and especially strokes. naturally fix this problem for my dad and myself but again what's important to know is that if you do have a family history you must take action today to help prevent any future complications from high blood pressure because my dad did have a stroke a couple of years ago and I don't want that to happen to you.

3. Smoking all right you already know that smoking has no health benefits and it's a major cause of high blood pressure so if you're doing it please stop I'll leave that for now another factor is alcohol now a little bit of alcohol is okay especially if it's made from wine preferably organic one but drinking every night will cause eventually damage your heart arteries and liver over time because alcohol is a toxin it's a neurotoxin it's acidic so they're both being bad for you and add in aging and disease it's not good all around for long-term usage.

4. Just being overweight again similar to smoking being overweight has just no health benefits and the older you get the harder it is to lose that unwanted fat so you need to address this.

5. Most people don't take into consideration is sodium now salt has its benefits actually right regular table salt unfortunately the salt found in processed foods and processed packaging is bad for you all right keep that in your mind however natural salts such as Himalayan rock or Celtic sea salt can be good for you when used in moderation can actually help lower blood pressure, more importantly, stress hormones such as cortisol speaking of stress.

6. Stress and hormones now we all know that stress is bad however you can't get rid of it but what's important is that you manage it better all right what's important is the mean you give to stressful situations now if you tend to go crazy and freak out get negative and focus on the problem the entire time you put your body under a lot of extra stress those are the secret is to focus on the solution the majority of the time and to know that this too shall pass all right and worrying about the problem isn't going to help anything as you may already know especially your blood pressure or your heart health.

7. Lack of physical activity all right let's face it we all sit too much these days right so you need to just get outside walk daily even if it's just for 15-20 minutes it'll do you wonders for your physical more importantly even your mental health.

8. Medication or medical conditions okay and this goes to genetics now if you have a genetic problem or family history again like like what's happening in my life which is making things worse that you must make changes to your lifestyle right away because your body is more sensitive than the average person, of course, getting older and aging is only going to get things worse and finally medication.

9. Ironically many heart medications actually cause more problems more heart problems in the long run again their use they're good for short-term usage now they can increase example your cholesterol levels your blood sugar and blood pressure levels and they can actually decrease blood flow and circulation again not a good idea for long-term usage that can actually cause extra stress to your liver and kidneys.

Which can't which then causes even more problems for your heart which I think you already know makes sense nature already has the answers all right not the pharmaceutical company so whatever possible take fewer drugs and utilize natural solutions and this is why I ended up formulating blood pressure optimizer for myself and my dad now again we have a family history of heart attacks or strokes you know my dad could no longer deal with the negative side effects of.

10. Medications and diet and exercise helped but it just wasn't enough and I stated earlier genetics and aging are major causes of high blood pressure and my dad just couldn't keep fighting it anymore because of this our formulated blood pressure optimizer which utilizes only natural ingredients that are actually clinically researched to help improve your blood pressure without the negative side effect anyway what's important again is that you take action right now and implement just some of the suggestions

High Blood Pressure and Your Kidneys 

Healthy kidneys are essential for maintaining normal blood pressure. Each kidney has thousands of blood vessels responsible for filtering large amounts of blood. Over time high blood pressure can cause these vessels to narrow weaken or harden. This damage then prevents the vessels from delivering enough blood to the kidneys nephrons, which keep the body's fluids and nutrients in balance. Each nephron receives its blood supply through the glue marrow is a ball of tiny filtering vessels.
High Blood Pressure and Your Kidneys

                             High Blood Pressure and Your Kidneys 

When the glue marrow list loses its blood supply then the filtering process slows down. This leads to a buildup of toxins in the blood, while important nutrients like protein are lost in the urine. This is the start of a vicious cycle in which blood pressure becomes harder to control and kidneys become more damaged and eventually stopped working completely. This process occurs over the course of several years but can be prevented with proper care.

Effects of High Blood Pressure

There is no problem with high blood pressure in one day or weeks or months. Hypertension has problems in many years, and it can affect your whole body. Let's talk about somebody structures that are most affected by hypertension. These incorporate your veins, heart, cerebrum, kidneys, and eyes. In the vital organs, small blood vessels are most affected over time, these vessels become rigid, hard and less elastic, which means that they are more likely to block or break.
Effects of High Blood Pressure

                                      Effects of High Blood Pressure

This can happen when you grow up, whether your blood pressure is too high or high blood pressure can accelerate this process. Another way that high blood pressure affects your blood vessels is that it can play a role in the development of atherosclerosis. A person has atherosclerosis, if their arteries are thick due to fat, and cholesterol builds on the walls of the artery, hypertension and blood vessels stretch in the walls, which they compare to the risk of having atherosclerosis Puts more danger in If the inside part of your blood vessels becomes small and hard, and the pressure inside them increases, then your heart has to pump harder to get blood through them.

Your heart is a muscle. And like other muscles, your heart gets bigger by doing this hard work. This is not a good thing for your heart, it can be pulled out and some of the blood that pumps through your body stays back in the heart. After all, your heart starts to weaken because it simply can not continue to pumping so hard against the pressure in your ships. When the heart can not pump out all the blood that enters its cells.

This is a serious condition called congestive heart failure. One symptom of this condition can be fluid which comes back in the lungs and chest cavity. High blood pressure can also damage the brain; the blood vessels of the brain can be blocked or broken like blood vessels anywhere in the body. The difference is that if it is in the brain, there may be bleeding, or the brain tissues will not get nutrients and oxygen from the blood.

Hypertension is a major cause of stroke and bleeding in the brain. It can also affect normal brain function as a person's age. Kidneys are also important organs that can be damaged by hypertension. If the arteries supplying blood to the kidneys are damaged, kidney tissues will not get the blood they need and the kidneys may lose their ability to work slowly. High blood pressure can cause a change in the eyes of your eyes. The retina is the place where the eye receives the visual image. Blood vessels are also prone to narrowing, rupture, and bleeding in the eyes.

Due to these changes, the vision can be disrupted and may lead to blindness over time. As you can see, blood vessels are the heart, brain, kidney, and eyes, which are the most structured structures of your body which are most affected by hypertension. That's why a person with high blood pressure has a serious risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure for many years. In fact, if you have high blood pressure, and it is untreated, then you are three times more likely to have heart disease, the probability of developing congestive heart failure is six times the probability of developing stroke and seven times more chance of stroke. Fortunately, one person can make changes in the lifestyle, which will help reduce stress on their heart and blood vessels. It helps control the effects of high blood pressure on the limbs.

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